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3D Odor Eliminator Spray


Product Description

Get Rid of Unpleasant Car Odors with 3D Odor Eliminator

  • Anti-bacterial odor eliminator
  • Gets rid of smells resulting from vomit, pets, cigarettes, fast food…
  • Green because it is biodegradable
  • Salmonella free Certified

Odor Eliminator™ is a concentrated bacterial enzyme that is certified Salmonella-Free. It will eliminate odour caused by vomit, spoiled foods, pet odors, smoke, waste in areas such as garbage cans, waste receptacles, locker rooms, carpet, and many other offensive odors. Bacterial action digests materials while the pleasant fragrance immediately neutralises the odour. Recommended for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, apartments, kitchens, kennels, grease traps, drain lines, down pipes, portable toilets, septic tanks, RV’s, autos, and wet wells.

If you are tired of the unpleasant smell in your car, you have to look for an odour eliminator that can efficiently get rid of that spiteful stench. Whether it is the smell of stale cigarettes, rotten food, or mildew odour, you will need more than just a hanging air freshener or the old-fashioned lemon peel technique. Thanks to 3D Professional Detailing Products, you can finally buy a product that can completely eliminate the odors in your car instead of just masking them and leaving them dormant.

If you have ever bought fast food from a convenient drive through and eaten your meal in your car and accidentally dropped food in between your car seats, you may have forgotten about it and it probably got moldy. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of the smell of stale french fries or greasy hamburgers from your car or unpleasant mold smell that has seeped into your car seats? Using 3D’s Green odor eliminator is the safe way to go, as it is also certified salmonella free.

Travelling with pets can be great; however, after a nice hike or a dip in the water, we all know wet pets and dogs can mean only one thing, smelly animals.

Be sure to use one of 3D’s Air Fresheners to enhance the smell of your car, perhaps some Coconut air freshener, or Cherry air freshener.



Spray 1 - 2 oz (30 - 60ml) onto the affected area and allow the bacterial action to digest the material while the pleasant fragrance neutralizes the odour. For extreme action, use 3 to 4 oz of the product.

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