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The Best Car Shampoos Online at Detail Central

For enthusiasts who love their luxury cars, we understand you always want to keep your pride and joy in impeccable condition. Given that your car detailing is only ever as good as the products you use to detail it, we are meticulous about hand-picking the best quality car shampoos from the world’s most reputable manufacturers.


Our carefully curated selection of car shampoos online features items that are purposely designed by industry experts to clean and shine, while others are specially formulated to break down dirt, grim and road traffic film. You’ll also find ceramic coating maintenance shampoos in our online collection, ideal for use on ceramic coated vehicles.


When it comes to cleaning and detailing your car, choosing the right shampoo is crucial – if you’re unsure which of the items featured here is best suited to your specific car, don’t hesitate to get in touch for expert advice and recommendations based on years of experience.


Buy high-end shampoo for your car online

Most luxury car owners are well aware that their vehicle’s surfaces aren’t designed to handle today’s aggressive house hold detergents, which is why the best car care manufacturers in the industry work closely alongside automakers to create the following types of specially formulated car wash shampoos.


  • Conventional car wash soaps
  • Car wash shampoo with advanced cleaning properties
  • pH neutral car shampoo
  • pH neutral car shampoo protective addatives

The car shampoos featured here are suitable for ceramic coated vehicles, whether your motivations for a ceramic coating were for increased strength and durability, or the enhanced shine, depth of paint and hydrophobic properties. These car wash shampoos simply clean your vehicle’s surfaces without leaving behind any residue or harsh contaminants that can eat away at the coating.


Four accessories to get the most out of your car wash shampoo

  • Premium quality microfibre wash mitt (firm enough to remove debris from the vehicle surface, while still soft enough to prevent scratching)
  • Three wash buckets – one filled with soapy water, one filled with clear rinsing water, and one specifically for the wheels and tyres
  • Foam cannon or foam gun to attach to your garden hose spray nozzle
  • A top-of-the-line drying towel (ideally, one made from Korean microfibre with a terry weave design for optimal results)

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