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Not only is removing dirt and debris from your car’s wheels a crucial component of your routine car wash and detail, but it’s often one of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks. Iron particles (which are a key by-product of brake dust) have a tendency to bake themselves onto your car wheels, and this debris can be extremely stubborn to remove – regardless of what material your wheels are made of.


If not removed carefully, these iron particles can cause excessive damage and deterioration to your wheels, which is why reactive wheel cleaner was developed – to disperse and dissolve stubborn dirt and debris without damaging your wheel surfaces.


Detail Central supplies a range of powerful pH-balanced wheel cleaners that effortlessly remove contaminants from the wheels of your car. They contain a specific reagent which contracts and breaks the bond formed between iron particles and the surface of the wheels. 


What are the benefits of using reactive wheel cleaner on your vehicle’s wheels?

  • The acid-free formulation is safe for use on all wheel types
  • Performance indicator highlights harmful iron contamination
  • Specially formulated to act quickly in removing stubborn dirt that has baked itself onto the wheels of your vehicle
  • A specialised gloss additive ensures your wheels are left sparkling clean after application

How to apply reactive wheel cleaner:

  • First make sure the rims are cool to the touch
  • Spray the reactive wheel cleaner directly onto the wheel’s surface
  • Leave the formula to dwell for up to three minutes (or approximately 10 minutes if the wheels are particularly dirty and the debris has been left to bake on for an extended period of time)
  • You may need to use a wheel brush in combination with the wheel cleaner on more stubborn areas
  • Rinse the entire wheel area with cool, clean water thoroughly

Buy reactive wheel cleaner today

For all your top-shelf car detailing products online in Australia, look no further than Detail Central. We only supply the finest quality reactive wheel cleaners, car detailing sprays, degreasers, car shampoos, compounds and polishes, air fresheners and more. Shop with us online and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or queries.


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