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Cyclone Turbo Professional Liquid Air Cleaning Tool CarTool


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Product Description

Cyclone Turbo Professional Liquid Air Cleaning Tool

The latest addition to the cyclone range, Cyclone AZ2000 is a high-performance cleaning gun with a TURBO motor. You can also adjust and control the power thanks to its rotary set.



New Version Cyclone Car Cleaning Gun.


Turbo-charged Cyclone for faster, more powerful cleaning!

The Cyclone Turbo has newly developed rotational technology inside the funnel to provide faster, more powerful cleaning compared to the Cyclone Classic. Professional detailers will love the speed and effectiveness of the Cyclone Turbo. The new design reduces wear and ensures a longer life and superior performance.

Cyclone Turbo features:


  • Double the power of the Cyclone Black and Classic

  • New Adjustable flow function creates a pulse effect for deeper cleaning
  • Low wear and maintenance

  • Lower air consumption

  • Suitable for 240V compressors

  • Lower noise emissions

  • Dirt and grime are immediately released from fabrics, carpet, and solid surfaces.

  • The Cyclone Turbo releases a fine mist of cleaning solution that does not over saturate surfaces. You'll see the liquid turning dirty as grime is released from the surface. Wipe with a microfibre towel. Then turn the dial to shut off the water and use the compressed air to dry the cleaned area. It's that simple.

  • Use the Cyclone Car Cleaning Gun on the dashboard, door panels, steering wheel, fabric upholstery, carpet, floor mats, and between seats. The Cyclone cleans in tough-to-reach places between seats and in seams. Because it releases so little liquid, surfaces dry quickly.

  • On the exterior, use the Cyclone Car Cleaning Gun to clean fabric convertible tops, body seams, wheels, and emblems. There's no need to scrub. The Cyclone does the hard work for you.

  • The Cyclone Car Cleaning Gun must be used with an air compressor capable of producing a constant air pressure of at least 60 psi. Do not to exceed 110 psi in order to protect your Cyclone from unnecessary wear. Use the green valve to control the amount of liquid released by the Cyclone.

  • To clean any surface, dilute the desired cleaner according to label directions. Turn the liquid valve straight up and use an overlapping motion as you pass the Cyclone Car Cleaning Gun over the surface. If necessary, allow the cleaning liquid to dwell for 10-15 seconds. Use a microfibre towel to absorb excess liquid. Then turn the liquid valve off and use the compressed air to dry the cleaned area.

  • The Cyclone Car Cleaning Gun is not a foam gun. It is an advanced cleaning gun designed to enhance the results of cleaners with a unique cyclonic cleaning action. Cleaning with the Cyclone Car Cleaning Gun is easier and faster than small detailing brushes or swabs. Just spray and watch the dirt rise out of plastics, rubber, vinyl, and fabrics.


A minimum of 90-liter compressor is required to operate the cleaning gun.

Cyclone AZ2000 is a pneumatic gun that will allow you to efficiently clean the interior and exterior of a car.

The power of its jet makes it possible to go in the places hard to reach.

  • For the interior : Dashboard, floor mats, fabrics, carpets, ventilation grilles, etc ...
  • For the exterior : Body, rims, engine, doorway, underbody, etc ...

We advise against the use of the cyclone turbo gun on the roof flags or ceiling (risk of detachment).

The gun is delivered with a 1/4 quick coupling. 



First, remove dirt (dust and other) with a vacuum cleaner.

Then, turn the green valve to the horizontal position to engage the liquid (ready-to-use detergent) that you have put into the tank.

Important: Hold the funnel at a distance of 1-3 cm from the surface to be cleaned at an angle of approximately 90 °.

Press the "trigger" completely; Move the turbo cyclone slowly by forming circles on the surface to be cleaned.

To adjust the speed, turn the cone according to the markings on the funnel.

To remove any residual moisture, wipe with a clean, professional microfibre.


To clean the funnel: Turn the green valve to the horizontal position on "air only", hold the cleaning nozzle in a bucket with clear water and press the trigger to remove the dirt from the " funnel.

-Replace damaged, worn out parts immediately for your own safety. Pipes, funnels and seals are wear parts.

-Rinse the hoses and the suction filter after each use.

When the work is complete, always disconnect the tool from the compressed air supply, release pressure from the hose and disconnect the tool from the compressor before changing parts or repairing.

Volume of air required: For the perfect deployment of the cyclone turbo AZ2000 power, a constant pressure between 5.0 and 8.0 bar is required.

Warning :

The constant air volumes vary according to the size of the compressor and its power. Always make sure the tank and air hoses are clean and free from dirt.


-Compressed air connection 1/4

-Pressure Air: 90 psi / 6.2 bar

Air Consumption: 80-160 l / min at 6.2 bar

- Speed ​​of rotation: 1000-1800 rpm

-Control of the tank: 1 L

-Dimensions of the package: 32x26x12,9 cm

-Weight: 0,92 kg

Made in Taiwan


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