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The Universal Pad Washer Bucket System with Grit Guard

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Product Description


 The Universal Pad Washer System with Grit Guard

 is the first and only pad washer that cleans and dries all types of buffing pads on virtually any machine. The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer cleans foam pads, wool pads, convoluted foam pads and buffing bonnets. This pad washer works with virtually any machine including Flex, DeWalt, Rupes, any Dual Action machine and many more.

Washing machines can destroy and deteriorate foam and wool pads. The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer does not require electricity to clean pads, all you need is the power already produced by your polisher machine. The rotation of the polisher agitates and cleans the pad in seconds. Simply insert the pad into the universal pad washer, turn on your polisher and let the grid insert clean and dry your buffing pads. The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer prolongs the life of your polishing and buffing pads.

Features of this Pad Washer:

  • Quit throwing your pads away!

  • Condition, clean and dry, any type of pad, on any buffer or polisher, all with one system.

  • Will not tear up or damage pads, even the most delicate cross-cut foam.

  • HQ Lid provides water-tight portability to any job site.


The Universal Pad Washer cleaned and dried this buffing pad in under 30 seconds. With the Universal Pad Washer, you'll always have a clean buffing pad, no matter where you are!

Saves your backing pads.

  • One of the biggest problems with pads today lies in their backing pad and its likeliness to tear off of the pad.  The major cause of this failure is from hand washing your polishing pads.  When you hand wash pads, the backing pad gets wet, over saturating the foam.  The Universal Pad Washer keeps the backing pads dry and extends the life of your pads. No more throwing away perfectly good pads because the backing pad has torn off.

Conditions wool pads

  • If you've ever used a brand new wool pad, you can appreciate the convenience of a tool that conditions the pads.  By conditioning your new wool pads, you extract the loose fibres from the pad, keeping your paint free of excess wool fibres.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!



Made in China

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  1. I should had got this sooner

    Posted by on

    I have delayed time and time again getting this pad washer. In the meantime I have soaked and scrubbed my pads both microfibre and foam, time after time loosing time and productivity on every car. Even used a air gun to blow the pad clean but the mess that makes.

    Now with 40ml of bowdens microfibre wash in the bucket to aid the cleaning. A couple of pumps and the machine on low for the wash and within a minute the pad is both washed and dried ready to go again.

    The car I did was a Nissan patrol with oxidised white paint and the pad had to be cleaned every other panel. Having the pad cleaner more often made my single stage paint restoration cream work better than ever.

    So don’t be like me get this now don’t delay

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