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Sometimes we see the greatest stories to be told, start off with a modest and humble beginning. The Angelwax story begins in Scotland, near the city of Glasgow. A country that’s known for its explicit heritage in greatly crafted whiskey’s, Loch Ness and, almost, the lousiest weather conditions on earth.

We love cars, motorcycles and respect all the craftsmanship that went into the creating of these beautiful machines. And with over 25 years of experience in the chemical industry we were on the right place, at the right time to invent and develop the worlds best waxing and detailing products. Measured to the skill of our famous Scotch and proficient for the most tenacious climate on the planet.


All our products are made by hand in small precise batches and strictly tested in our laboratory to ensure that we only deliver our ultimate desired level of quality before they leave our premises. All with that one goal of creating the finest detailing products the world has to offer.

All Angelwax products are exact, precise and genius in nature. The unique line-up in detailing waxes surpasses every standard and only contain the highest quality pharmaceutical grade wax our planet has to offer. Combined with our unique blend of natural oils, our detailing products astonish by excelling in unbelievable durability and leaving a finish that is unsurpassed by even the most expensive waxes available on the market today.

Quite simply, we are redefining the detailing industry with small steps everyday. We believe in quality, the use of natural ingredients and progress through devotion and research.


Come and try it now and see what all the fuss is about


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