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Caring for Matte paint

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Manufacturers these days are no longer concerned with just standard paint jobs. Gone are the days of simply managing paint that is single stage or clear over base. With the current growing trend of matte paint jobs and matte wraps the importance of proper maintenance becomes an important issue.

There has always been the train of thought that you can’t protect a matte paint finish and that it is hard to maintain. This may have been true in the past however, not so much anymore. If you are here reading this then you already care about how your car looks and you want to make every effort you can to keep it at its best.

The truth is taking care of a matte painted car is no more work than caring for a glossy car. One of these reasons is that you will never be polishing your car as this can ruin your finish. Matte finishes are already less susceptible to clear coat scratches and swirl marks due to its non-reflective nature.

Another common misconception is that matte paint has no clear coat but this isn’t always true. Resprays and wraps may not but vehicles that come from manufacturer factories do. Manufacturer’s use this clear coat to create the ‘flat look’ by using imperfections and dimples from the application process. So how do you maintain and protect a matte finish.

There are some important rules to keep in mind when dealing with matte paint and they are and not limited to
-Do not polish or wax the vehicle unless using a Matte specific product.
-Do not use mechanical means of cleaning the surface.
-Remove insect remains, tar and other residues immediately.
-Always keep your paint protected.

Using an abrasive polish or wax on your matte paint is a bad idea. Polish is an abrasive process that is meant to level out imperfections and smooth the surface of a clear coat. The reason matte paint is flat is because of imperfections, when these imperfections are compromised you are affecting your cars ability to retain light. Wax effectively does the same thing using the carnauba to fill those same imperfections.

The next rule is never to use any automatic or mechanical means to clean your paint. Repetitive motion from machines such as a car wash or buffers will harm the finish. Always clean your car by hand using matte specific pH balanced car wash soap like Angelwax Luminosity Matte Shampoo.

Remove insect remains, tar and other residues immediately this one is the same no matter what paint you have. Leaving these on your paintwork can stain and even damage your finish so clean it off as soon as possible.

Finally keep your paint protected, use microfiber on your paint they are absorbent, plush and lint free. They help to prevent damage by removing the contaminants away from the surface of the paint with increased water retention ability. You need to be careful of what protection products you use as many contain silicones, waxes, paste, or carnauba that have the problem of increase the gloss properties of your matte finish or potentially damage the clear coat. Protect your matte paint regularly with products specifically designed for the uniqueness of your paint.

Angelwax Luminosity range is our specialized product range to protect matte painted and matte wrapped vehicles. This range protects the bodywork from harmful contaminants while preserving the vehicles matte paint or wrap ensuring it remains lustrous.

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