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HD Speed Crew detailing a P-51 Mustang WWII Plane

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HD Speed Crew detailed an older P-51 Mustang that once was a long-range, single seat fighter-bomber used during World War II. Used in the Korean War and other conflicts, the Mustang was designed by North American Aviation. This fighter jet was detailed in Arizona, with the assistance of our AZ Distributor. A few different products that were used are:

They used HD Cut, which is a heavy paint leveling cream to level and cure the paint. It’s body shop safe, and contains no wax or fillers. Followed by HD Speed, the all-in-one polish and correction glaze. It protects and polishes the painted surface with an easy simple step. Giving it a long lasting wax and using less product. HD Dress was applied to the tyres, as it’s water based and has no sling. It’s a non-greasy formula protectant that is designed to shine, darken and protect exterior non-painted surfaces. Grand Slam, the infamous engine degreaser was an easy rise and emulsified grease and grime off the entire jet. HD Touch cleaned up the entire fighter jet leaving a beautiful showroom shine.

Check out some of the great results they were able to achieve on this P-51 Mustang…







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