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Kamikaze Collection Stance Wheel Coat

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Product Description

The newest, Graphene infused, Best Wheel Coating. 

Four years have passed since STANCE RIM COAT was pre-sold in the United States.
Organic polysilazane, the most advanced material at that time, had "thicker film" and "slipperiness" compared to inorganic posilazane. In the remodeled version, 2.0, German fluorine was added to make it more dust-free.
In the new model, graphene, a cutting-edge material, was added.


Ultra-fast drying film formation with ultra-hard coating

The addition of Graphene greatly increased the curing time.
And surface hardness has been greatly improved.
Based on our past experience and the feel of the product when touched with our fingers, we are certain that a hardened film of 9H or higher will be formed.
Wheel painted surfaces are harder than body painted surfaces, so a hard film is suitable for hard painted surfaces.
Initial hardening can be achieved in 1-2 hours of drying time, and the wheels can be installed and driven afterwards.
If the color of the coating is silver or other colors where streaks are not noticeable, the hard coating can be applied to the painted surface.
The hardened film is transparent and highly volatile, so it can be cured as a thick film without wiping off immediately after application. Of course, cracks caused by heat will not occur due to the addition of graphene.


Shoe make the outfit

For car freaks all over the world, the emphasis of car customization has always been on wheels.
The beauty of the undercarriage of a car greatly changes the impression of the car.
Compared to clear coats on painted surfaces, clear coats on wheels, which are harder = finer in density, have a thicker, shinier film.
The thick, glossy coating goes well with the clear coat on the wheels.
Please enjoy the film as if it were a glossy nail polish.


Amazing anti-fouling property. The secret to this is three minor changes

This product has undergone a v3.0 
From daily use customers to garage collection customers
From wheels with a clear layer to polished and metal surfaces such as mufflers without a clear layer
We have responded to a wide range of demands from all over the world.
This time, in addition to the new generation additive "Graphene", the fundamental polysiloxane raw material has been changed.
Please experience the secret of "beauty of suspension" which is always improved.

Contents: 30ml (for more than 8 wheels)
Ingredients: Inorganic polysilazane, modified silicone, fluorine additive, etc.
Application: Wheel coating (chrome plated and polished wheels can be applied), protection of metal surfaces such as mufflers and suspensions
Application method: Wipe off the surface within 1 minute after application. It hardens and dries in about 2 hours.
Product of origin : Made in Japan

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  1. Excellent Product

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    I've used other wheel coatings which have failed to live up to their claims. This one however after 6 months it is still performing like it was applied a week ago.

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