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Kamikaze ISM Coat 3.0 30ml

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Hydrocarbon Flexible Coating


The Japanese are the undisputed pioneers in glass coating technology, and thanks to KAMIKAZE, we now have a brand new coating technology and complete maintenance system that sets the (very high) standards in the coating world.


ISM COAT Chapter 3
It's been five years since the first ISM Coat was sold, At that time, glass coatings and ceramic coatings were in full swing, and
all brands sold hype words such as "9H" and "10H", and several-year warranty claims were the mainstream in the market. In the middle of that, we dared to attack the market with the opposite approach,
"softness, not hardness of 3H to 4H" and "duration depends on maintenance" . A few years after that, ISM COAT was highly evaluated when the hardness of 9H was questioned for credibility, and even after 2.0 debuted, the old 1.0 was still popular in the American market. I think it can be said that there is a result of directly facing the market as a product made in Japan in the background of the exhibition.

The definition and theory of coating hardness varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but
we do not rely on this hardness notation at all.
If you dare to say it, it is expected that the hardness will increase slightly compared to the original paint.
ISM COAT was conscious of "film feeling" in "beauty".
In other words, protection makes sense as a side effect.

Beauty is the pleasure and pleasure for everyone who loves cars
The theory of Kamikazeism is the film that

protects the painted surface of your beautiful car with a sacrificial film and
creates a beautiful cosmetic look.




ISM 3.0 Now Contains Contains carbon nanotubes

The film property of the hybrid of organic and inorganic in the old work 1.0 was highly evaluated in terms of aesthetics, but in the cold regions of Europe, the northern part of England, etc., the deterioration speed It was a weak point. Also, in the old 2.0, although it boasts outstanding protection ability, the workability is very severe, and it was a product for professionals for DIY, outdoor, or users who require easy construction. In 3.0, carbon nanotubes, the latest nanoparticle additive, have been added to improve the bond ability and realize easy installation. In addition, because it is a conductive material, it has a very high effect on the antifouling property, which makes it difficult for the painted surface to be charged. We recommend one-layer construction with MIYABI COAT as the base layer. Multi-layering of substances with different properties has advantages in all aspects such as durability of the film itself and improvement of aesthetics. Indoor storage 3 years or more for weekends only Outdoor storage 2 years or more for daily use * Our theory is that coatings cannot be protected from all substances. Therefore, in our ANTI-AGING lineup, we have the best products to extend the life of the film. In the sunshine weather test (artificial rainfall test), measurement results of 5 years or more have been obtained, but in reality, our theory judges that it is not so sustainable. This product is a product developed and sold on the premise of professional construction.




・ ISM COAT Application procedure.
 1. Shake well as Carbon nanotubes may have settled.
* Remove any hardened crystals from the glass container. Assemble the sponge and applicator cloth.
2. Apply this agent to the applicator cloth so that it crosses in an "x" shape.
3. Apply once and apply straight from top to bottom as a guide. If it is difficult to install due to compatibility with painting, cross it horizontally and vertically.
4. Allow a reaction drying period of 1 to 3 minutes.
5. Wipe with a microfiber cloth.
We recommend our Micro Polish and Dual Pile towels

* Wet application is also possible. 
If the painted surface is wet or spray with water, spread it.

* 1-2 hours of drying time is required.
* It is recommended to recoat the flat surface twice.
* Recommended construction environment Construction temperature: 15-25 ℃ Humidity: 40-70%. I
* Infrared heater guideline setting 70-75 ℃ 10-15 minutes (each panel)

Accessories: Construction block sponge, applicator cloth, dropper
Contents: 30ml (1 unit-2 units of standard size cars)
Main component: Organic polysilazane, Alkoxysilane Special fluorine, Carbon nanotube
Manufacturing: Made in Japan


And for those who want the craziest water beading available, we recommend maintaining ISM COAT with Kamikaze’s OVER COAT (sacrificial layer).

Product Reviews

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  1. Easy to apply and looks fantastic

    Posted by on

    I was worried this would be difficult to apply but follow the instructions carefully and don't do too many panels. It's easy to apply and buff off and the results speak for themselves. Looks incredible... Highly recommend kamikaze products.. I used both miyabi(2 coats) and 1 of ism

  2. Happy Days

    Posted by on

    This stuff is top shelf.
    Applied as the instructions advised and had no problem .
    Applied on top of two coats of miyabi and looked great straight of the bat , 24hrs after it's cured looks even better.

  3. Rich colour

    Posted by on

    Applied on top of 2x Miyabi on red paint. Adds considerable richness to the look and noticeable darkening when applied. Tricker to wipe off than Miyabi but no harder than a traditional wax.

  4. Amazing product

    Posted by on

    Great product and the finish looks amazing!

  5. Brilliant

    Posted by on

    What an absolutely brilliant product! Easy to apply and remove and the finish is outstanding!

  6. Amazing

    Posted by on

    Does evwrything in the title description but more! The gloss, ease of application and removal make this one of the best coatings around.

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